- The trainee’s commitment to attend all training hours and days, and he is excluded from the program if his absence exceeds 15% of the training hours, and he is not entitled to claim a certificate for the training course.

- After the payment process and seat reservation, The trainee is not entitled to transfer to another course and the trainee is not entitled to recover the participation costs unless he apologizes 3 days before the training program Via the following link, click here or if the training program has been postponed or canceled by the training center.

- When the course or program is canceled, the amount is returned (a reverse process) to the same card with which the payment was made. In some cases, the amount cannot be returned to the customer due to the expiration date of the card with which the course fees were paid, so the IBAN bank account number will be requested, and the amount will be transferred after deducting the administrative fee, which amounts to 15% of the payment value.

- Respect the rights of others and adhere to good dealings with other trainees and employees of the training center.

- Maintaining cleanliness and tranquility within the center's facilities.

- Prohibition of eating, drinking or smoking in places other than those designated for this.

- The trainee maintains the center's property, and does not use it for other than the purposes for which it was intended.

- Commitment to the conditions of security and safety.

- The trainee shall not remain inside the center after the end of working hours without prior permission from the center management.

- Commitment to the start and end dates of the training courses.

- It is forbidden to register for more than one course at the same time and date.

- The certificate is received electronically after the end of the course, after ensuring that all requirements for obtaining the certificate are fulfilled through the center's electronic portal.

- Preserving the intellectual property rights of the training bags and not publishing these materials without obtaining the written consent of the training center.

Please note that card refunds may take up to thirty (30) business days to be completed by your bank, depending on the processing time. This may vary greatly between card issuers, and the Center will not be liable for any delay in refunds on the part of the card issuer.

The Center does not provide any guarantees of any kind about the correctness of the refunds or the timing of their arrival to the customers’ bank card/account, due to the multiplicity of institutions involved in conducting online transactions procedures and the problems of the internet infrastructure available at the present time and the working days/leaves of financial institutions.