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 Selection of qualified and certified professional trainers

Testing center

International testing center for international professional certifications


We work with specialists from houses of expertise to prepare training content that complies with standards


We provide local and international accreditations and are accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation

Project Management Course

This course aims to enable projects to achieve their objectives effectively and efficiently, and to provide the necessary supervision of the project to ensure its successful implementation and achieve the desired results



Cloud Accounting Fundamentals  ERP Course

In light of the great development in cloud accounting systems to store and retrieve data to ensure control over the organization's resources, and to achieve this, enterprise resource planning systems must be applied, which leads to the integration of information within the organization in a way that enables it to control and employ resources in a way that achieves the required quality and efficiency.


Training of Trainers Course

This program is a summary of many programs that have been launched in the Arab world and are designed to meet the needs and desires of people who want to strive for excellence, and there is no doubt that there are many opportunities in the market that have not been reached, due to several reasons, the most important of which is the lack of professionalism and clear experience

Human Resource Management Course 

This course helps in improving the performance of employees and maintaining the human element as one of the most important resources in the organization, and also contributes to improving productivity, efficiency and profitability in the organization


Legal Culture Course

It aims to familiarize individuals with the various laws, regulations and regulations that regulate work in institutions and companies. This course includes many basic concepts in law such as commercial law, constitutional law


six sigma

The concept of 6 sigma is one of the most famous management concepts in the world of total quality management. The 6 sigma system relies on the increasing analysis of collected data and statistics to identify defects and defects in procedures or products in order to work on addressing them permanently and try to reduce the percentage of errors to zero whenever possible.