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Responsible مركز الحاسب وتنمية المهارات للتدريب
Last Update 11/24/2022
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1444/6/1هـ (8-10ص)

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مركز الحاسب وتنمية المهارات – عمادة شؤون الطلاب –لشطر الطالبات

Intensive Speaking course:
• Making Contacts
• Welcome Visitors
• Get Acquainted,
• Entertain Visitors
• Eat out
• Network

Course Introduction
Etiquette plays an important role in business and social settings, especially if you're looking to network with others and make connections with people of influence, power and wealth. Etiquette requires that you be mindful of how you interact with others and treat them so that they feel comfortable around you and want to work with you or refer business your way. This guide will help you understand etiquette basics, make contacts, welcome visitors, get acquainted with people in person or online, and entertain them at events. If you're looking to build better business communication language, start here.

Course description
Do you want to learn how to make contacts, welcome visitors, get acquainted with people and entertain guests? This is the course for you! You will learn how to do all of these things and more in this course. You will also be introduced to the principles of etiquette that are important for every day life. From entertaining visitors to making a good first impression with business partners- this course will teach you all the skills necessary to conduct yourself well in any social situation. The language learned in this course is timeless, so it will not matter if your visit takes place today or five years from now; you'll still need to know how to greet someone and say goodbye properly. The key thing about communication language learning, there’s always something new to learn.

Goals of the course
• The students will acquire necessary listening skills to understand discourse such as making contact, welcoming visitors, starting a conversation with a stranger…etc.
• The students will develop adequate speaking skills to communicate effectively with their friends, colleagues and strangers.

ملاحظة: ساعتين في اليوم لمدة اربع ايام في الاسبوع.