Computer Center and Skills Development for Training

Proceeding from King Saud University’s keenness to excel in building a knowledge society, nurturing and developing scientific and technical talents, the Computer and Skills Development Center was established for training at the Deanship of Student Affairs to identify and develop computer systems for talented trainees in 1405 AH. Which develops their talents and acquires new skills to benefit from them in their scientific and practical lives, and to compete in the labor market.



Providing various training programs in several fields that are required in the labor market with accredited certificates that help develop and develop trainees at the skill and personal level and support the academic side of university students.



Excellence and leadership in training programs for university and community students at the level of Saudi universities.


Providing the trainee with training skills that enable him to compete in the labor market, such as computer skills, language, self-development and skills development.

Develop the trainee's abilities to develop and build his personality and acquire the skill of the art of competence and communication.

Providing tributaries and training channels that support the academic curriculum for university students.

Providing a training and orientation environment that enables the trainee to practice and develop skills through the Computer Center and Skills Development for Training.